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A day at the fair

Commissioned by Brandwork, on behalf of JuJu, we’ve just completed an photoshoot for Jellies shoes and wellies. Because of the fun and young nature of the product, we chose the local fair as the ideal backdrop. As you’ll see, the colours of the fair complemented the vibrant footwear perfectly. These images are going to be used on the web and in press packs, so they’ll be a key element to the promotion of the summer product range. Go to our Commissions page to see how we got on (and to see an indulgent picture of my motorbike – I wonder how that got there?).

It’s a corporate affair

We’ve just completed a commission to produce a corporate brochure and photograph a conference for Reputation Institute. The purpose of which was to discuss the findings of a study, the biggest of its kind, that measures the reputations of over 200 companies in the UK and is part of a much larger study of over 2,000 companies globally. This project involved design, copywriting, print and photography. Basically, we did it all. How selfish? Take a look at our Commissions and Marketing pages for examples.

Kick is in fashion

Who would have thought it? After years of trying, we are finally fashionable (well, we like to think so). We’ve just completed a photographic assignment to launch an exciting new company called Style Chapel. They pride themselves on selling items of jewellery and accessories that are too cool for the High Street. Taken at the über chic Lounge Lover, in London, we set our sights high with a shoot list that included thirty unique products. We’re in the process of uploading the shots to the Commissions page of our site, so watch this space.

See in store now

We’ve just completed a trade publication for an architect award project. As you can expect with the chairperson of judges being Simon Hodder, this 72 page book has been designed with very high production values. The publication is expected in shops this week.

Here are some comments from the commissioning bodies:

Rachael Farricker, Communications Manager at Regenerate Pennine Lancashire said, “Just to reiterate, the book is gorgeous – thank you so much. It is absolutely beautiful, better than I imagined it could be”.

Charlotte Myhrum, Design Review Manager at Places Matter said, “It is absolutely beautiful!  Well done! The images are strong and the format is great. I like the colours and I just think it is a very classy piece. Thank you both and all else who worked so hard to get it done in an incredibly short space of time”.

New additions to photography portfolio

There’s a new Sports category within our Photography section that’s full of exciting shots taken from various race tracks across the country. Hopefully these will give you favour of what’s possible. If you need to commission a shot  that captures the thrill of the chase, give us a call.

New client – Hypervibe

It’s an exciting time for Hypervibe. They are launching a new product, named after the company, which is expected to revolutionise the health and fitness sector. Their USP is that you can experience a full workout in 10 minutes. We were commissioned to create an press ad that built on the uniqueness of the product and also create a distinctive look. So, bearing in mind the main sell, instead of claiming you’ve been too busy to get to the gym, you’ll now have to think of another excuse. Have a peek at the ad in the advertising category in our portfolio section.

CIPD nomination

Exciting news – we have been nominated for Best Press Ad for the CIPD (Chartered Institute for Personal Development) Awards. The national CIPD Awards will be bigger and more prestigious than ever. Produced, for the first time, in association with People Management magazine, the awards recognise only the highest creative standard in recruitment adverting. So, we’re really pleased that we’ve been shorlisted. Watch this space. Click on for more info.

Odgers Berndtson – praise indeed

We have just completed another sector brochure for global headhunting firm, Odgers Berndtson. Our brief was to mirror the culture of their organisation by creating a vibrant and less traditional look whilst maintaining an air of sophistication. The use of vivid blocks of colour, engaging full bleed imagery along with copy that was succinct yet informative, enabled us to meet our objectives and produce a product that has been well received by the people responsible for commissioning us and also by the organisation as a whole. Giles Naylor, Head of Central Government Practice said, “It has arrived, looks really good. We are very pleased”. Delia Pegg, Head of Assessment Practice said, “I think they are really great and so far have been well received by our colleagues. The Chief Exec was particularly thrilled to find himself quoted on the front page. The colours are beautiful”. Take a look at the marketing category in our portfolio section to see what we’ve been up to.

New additions to photo portfolio

We’re having a busy few months. We have been commissioned by ECITB (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board) to create a large suite of material, including brochures, exhibition stands, promotional items and casestudies. All of which require original photography. So we’ve been jetting around the UK and have shot on location at power stations, colleges and various engineering companies. Photo assignments that require us to go to commercial operations have a major challenge. These companies are there to make money by being as productive as possible. So, asking an individual to stop what they’re doing and take time out to star in a photograph can be a bit of a nuisance. This means that we have to get the right shot first time – there’s no asking to set up the scene again. Take a look at the commissions category in our photography section to see what we’ve been up to.